Are you unfaithful?


QUESTION: I had a love affair three years ago, but ended it before my husband found out. However, I can’t forget the passionate sex and how alive I felt; I am almost more obsessed with the affair now than when I was having it. One female friend says it’s impossible to have just one love affair, and I know I look at men half-wondering if they will be my next lover. But I hate the thought I might betray my lovely husband again. Am I doomed to repeat my mistake?

ANSWER: It is true that many people who have one affair go on to become repeat offenders. One survey found that 70 percent of men who cheat will do so again.

Some strayers feel they “might as well be hung for a sheep, as a lamb”; that now their wedding vows are smashed there’s little point in being faithful. Others relish the complication and deceit of leading double lives.

But a large number, like you, find their first affair so exhilarating that they crave repeat thrills. In this way, illicit passion can prove just as addictive as any narcotic and equally destabilising, because of the vice-like grip sexual obsession takes on the mind. Continue reading

Give Your Nails Strength With These Treatments

I guess you could say we’re a little obsessed with painting our paws in something new and exciting. New nail colour gives you an instant lift and can change your mood in a flash.

Today’s post is a little different… We’re talking about nail care and how to get super strong nails. After all, we need strong nails if we wan’t them to look gorgeous when we’ve painted them in that new shade. So, before we head into summer and experiment with all the fabby colours out there, take a little time to build up your nail strength. Continue reading

Audi R8, 404kW TOP MODEL

It may have been around for six years now, but it’s safe to assume that Audi’s R8 supercar has aged rather gracefully – Audi has just updated it and the aesthetic chiseling is subtle to say the least.

The most obvious alteration is a new set of LED headlights and there’s a new bumper and grille design. You’ll also find new LED lights at the back end, along with a bolder diffuser and a pair of large round tailpipes. Continue reading

Poetry of Love

Trust-fund baby Mmule Kutlwano loves poetry, writing and photography. With her dreadlocks and penchant for second-hand clothing, she doesn’t want a mainstream job – but her “alternative” lifestyle does not impress her family. She lives with her older sister who is a sophisticated lawyer with a wealthy boyfriend, just the type her mother approves of. Secretly, Mmule has to admit that her high ideals aren’t making her happy – for once she’d like to be the ideal daughter too.

Then she meets mys­terious Kabelo Lefika, coffee-shop owner and part-time musician. The chemistry between the two artists is undeniable. Should Mmule follow her heart once more and take her dying father’s advice to not let anyone dictate how she should live?


Available at and bookshops.

John Legend coming back to SA

American RnB sensation and Grammy Award winner, John Legend will be coming back to South Africa this year for a One-night only performance.

The nine-time Grammy Award-winning superstar will be perfroming at Sandton Convention Centre on the 10th August 2012.

Tickets are available at Computicket for:

• General Access R900
• VIP R1400
• VVIP R1750- includes fully catered drinks and meals

Only a few tickets left !    what do you think of this, is it worth it? i personally think its way too expensive.

Rihanna”s racist tweet

It was only a few months ago when a Dutch Magazinecrowned Rihanna as the Ultimate Nigga Bitch… The backlash over the editorial gaffe– (and poor judgment in journalism) was palpable, as people across the Blogosphere and social networking forums were outraged by the offense, and rightfully so.

Rihanna took the embattled former editor of Jackie Magazine to task with a series of tweets, demanding that she acknowledge the racially insensitive nature of the article: “… your magazine is a representation of the evolution of human rights!” read a portion of one tweet,“That’s your contribution to this world! To encourage segregation, to mislead the future leaders to act in the past!” read another. Continue reading

How to Promote Events


Organising a big event can be incredibly stressful, as there is so much to organise; seating, licensing, entertainment, catering, the list never ends. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t forget about promotion. If nobody knows about your event then how do you expect them to come? This article details some suggestions for ways of promoting an event.

One of the most obvious ways of promoting an event is by placing posters up. You could try to place them on the venue where the event is taking place, on community notice boards or even in supermarket windows. Think about where your most-likely attendees are most-likely to see a poster advert for the event, and try to keep poster communications clear and simple. Cluttered posters full of information are often ignored while simple posters which advertise an event in a clear and concise manner often produce better results. Continue reading