Stand – up comedian Kedibone Mulaudzi

He is not in the business of making silly statements just for laughs. He has paid his dues in life and laughter.

Kedibone MulaudziIn 2002 he gave up his job as a copywriter and a year before that he crushed his parents’ dream of having an accountant for a son.

Mulaudzi gave it all up for a place in the burgeoning field of stand-up comedy.

“We are one of the best comedy industries in the world. No Joke. Our country is rich in material,” he says.

Mulaudzi’s comic experiences are vast. He is a product of Horror Café’s comedy nights, which ceased with the closing of the café a few years ago. He shared the stage with Trevor Noah, Eugene Khoza and Tumi Morake and witnessed how the seeds of local comedy took root. Continue reading