About us


TlebCity has been operating informally since 2006 as an events management company and was successfully registered with the DTI in 2012 as TlebCity Events Coordination (Pty) Ltd. In 2016 we decided to grow and venture into Consulting, Communication, Distribution and Wholesale business also not forgetting Photography. This is when TlebCity Enterprise And Services (Pty) Ltd was born, we offers a comprehensive events management, brand building, marketing and promotions services to commercial and individuals customers with a view to organize memorable events and help clients to effectively promote their message and products. We also supply a number of things such as Educational Equipment, Audio & Audio Visual Equipment, Computers and Sports Equipment just to mention a few.


 To become a recognized events manager and coordinator in South Africa

To become a recognized supplier and distributor of choice in South Africa

 To maintain the same level of service excellence and quality that this company was established under.


 To create a memorable experience on all our tailor-made and unique events.

To differentiate our company from our competitors through service excellence.

To work with our  Clients for their long term benefits.

To constantly research new Strategies, Technologies and Skills.

To maintain constant communication and provide exceptional service.


Our goal is always to meet your expectations as our customers. So that we can fully understand what your needs are, regular research in the form of focus groups, surveys or even conversations with our customers all help towards meeting those needs. Our business is guided by our values of People, Planet and Performance which form the basis of every decision we make. We see ourselves as part of the communities in areas within which we operate and strive for a responsible and engaging approach with all stakeholders.

To deliver value to our customers, we are uncompromising in our drive to deliver superior performance on all frontiers. We are renowned for our technical expertise, providing superior quality materials and excellent service to our customers. We conduct business with unquestionable integrity, ethics and professional standards.