We offer a competitive, flexible, elegant and tailor-made services to the Industrial business sector, Commercial business sector, Public and Private sectors. The following are the services we proudly provide:

Event Management

IT Consultation

Social Events:  Entertainment, Product Launches, Road Shows.

Image and Brand Building:  Printing, Web Design, Dolphin Flags, Banners.

Marketing and Promotions


Concepts Development and Marketing Research

Distributor of Electronic and Industrial Equipment


Increased Security and Flexibility

Improved Operational Efficiency

Content Preservation and Protection

Up-to-Market Skilled and Resourceful Personnel

TlebCity Enterprise And Services (Pty) Ltd should be the first you think of when thinking Events, Projects and Supplier because we believe that “A successful Project requires a balance of creativity and competent execution”. 

We have demonstrated our ability to Commercial business sectors, Public and Private Entities. Our core values are based on integrity and the highest possible level of service. We are able to provide a cost effective solution for our clients on an ongoing basis.

We are a meaningful and fast growing player in this Industry and have proper management ability, professionalism and financial resources to achieve our objectives. Should you require any further information or wish to discuss a proposal, please contact us. We are able to clarify any aspect regarding our modus operandi.


Committed to our business and dedicated to excellence

Dedicated to providing safe, reliable and efficient service

Strive for continued recognition and promotion of healthy lifestyle

Customer needs oriented and ethical corporate government.